Stevenage Wonderland

Sno' on the Fo'.


Snow. And a lot of it. Blanketing Stevenage. And its many parked cars. Including my Ford Focus. The best way to clear the snow off the side windows? Wind them down. Oh no. That wasn’t 100% successful. The snow formed a solid wall then caved in to my car. Note to self: do it with the door open next time…


Footprints in Danesgate

Footprints in Danesgate

It was treacherous on the road home. For one, I couldn’t see much out of the windscreen. It stayed fogged up no matter what I tried. Hot air. Cold air. Windows down. Recirculating air. Full blast. Off. Nothing would shift the fog on my windscreen. I even tried turning on the rear heated windscreen (even though it was already clear) just to try and coax the front one into following suit. Well, you try anything in those situations don’t you.

There were about 8 inches of clarity at the base of the windscreen, so I had to rest my chin on the steering wheel like an old lady just to see ahead of me.
Ford, what am I doing wrong?

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