Hamilton wins. Stevenage remains calm.

Well it’s Monday morning and last night Stevenage’s most famous son won the Formula One drivers’ championship in the most dramatic way possible. It was his. It was gone. It was back on again. It was all over. And then Hamilton tiptoed past Timo Glock on the penultimate corner, Ferrari went from joy to despair and the title belonged to Lewis. Tears flowed, Massa was incredibly noble in defeat, strangers hugged and then we popped down the pub for the village fireworks display (which went dangerously wrong at one point). You couldn’t make it up.

Stevenage shopping centre

A very understated euphoria grips Stevenage.

So, in the cold autumnal light of day, how has Stevenage celebrated? From time to time I’ve noticed bedsheets tied to roadside railings at some of the larger junctions, saying “Happy Birthday Colin” or “Happy 50th Jackie”. All a bit gypo if you ask me, but it comes from a good place so who am I to judge. So – any banners? Any council-sponsored bunting in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes colours? Any timely posters hastily erected by quick-thinking advertisers? Er no. But the local radio station (Hertbeat FM) were quite excited.

Parking-wise, it was business as usual – popped it into Danesgate, no dramas.

Back on the platform waiting for the train, the good citizens stood waiting as usual, perhaps their blank stares masking the imense mental tumult of them replaying the race’s denoument over and over again. Or maybe not.

Well done Lewis. See you Thursday.

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