From Stevenage to Newbury

Lewis Hamilton, crowned world champion on Sunday has come a long way since his formative years in Stevenage: Brazil, Monaco, China, Japan, Malaysia and today Newbury, home of Vodafone, one of his principal sponsors.

Not big news in itself, but today our paths will cross. I will be there to film him for a Vodafone ad campaign. Time is tight – we’ll have 20 minutes together and not a moment longer!

It’s another early start – they’re becoming a little more frequent these days.

I swing into Swingate and pop the motor in pole position. How apt.

I’m slightly wary that schedules tend to go awry and 20 minutes could easily become 5 or none at all. That would mean a day standing around waiting to NOT meet the Formula One world champion, so I’m not counting my chickens.

Would it be presumptuous to congratulate him on behalf of Stevenage and surrounding villages (say, SG1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 post codes)? Would I get the chance?

Everyone wants me to get his autograph. Slightly concerned that with the limited time and inevitable entourage, that’s a luxury we won’t have time for. Wish me luck, lone reader!

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