A census and a stupid woman

Another early start. We’re tweaking the sound on our Lewis Hamilton ad, so I thought I’d get in early to get a head start.

I set off in good time, so one would think there wouldn’t be problem; I can sweep into Swingate and pick a spot – any spot. Two delays:

1. A census. I mean – where did that come from? That’s a rubbish excuse for being late. Whose idea was it to stop people on their way to work? We have trains to catch, lattes to buy, free newspapers to read, ticket machines to wrestle with, iPods to play too loud!
I’m funnelled into a coned-off section of road and after a few quick questions about my journey, the chap in the hi-viz vest waves me on.

2. A stupid woman! I’ve just parked in a space with another space next to it. Plenty of others up for grabs – it’s still early. Except the woman behind me thinks it’s a good idea to reverse into the spot right next to me at such an angle that even if I could open my car door, her car would push it closed again, crushing my legs. Choose another space! Wait for me to get out! Engage your brain, woman-of-Stevenage-or-surrounding-areas!

Got my train OK though.

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