Uproar! Anarchy! Roadworks!

So there I am, nonchalantly pulling in to Swingate and there’s a queue of cars at the exit – which there never is at that time in the morning.

As I wound down the window to rub my card against the machine (to make the barrier go up) the lady coming out of Swingate shouted over to me that they were doing roadworks in the car park, taking half the spaces out of commission.

As I was committed to entering the car park, I about-turned and set off for Danesgate quick-sharp, so as not to miss the 8:08. As I went by, I could indeed see men at work, tearing up the tarmac with tools emitting flames and everything – though it didn’t look like they’d taken up half of Swingate, to be fair. Nonetheless, a bit of notice wouldn’t have gone amiss. No signs in advance or now. No idea when they’ll be finished. I hadn’t noticed the car park needed re-laying, but there you go – I look forward to parking on an even better surface than before.

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