There’s only one word for that: “Magic darts…”

Next to the panto poster, there was an ad for some darts-related gig. A friendly tournament featuring names from the golden age of darts when it was a staple of World Of Sport and they could win tournaments too pissed to remember they were playing, let alone subtract treble 17 from 281 (seeing as you ask, it’s 230).

"Be prepared to laugh."

But the thing that caught my eye was the host – Duncan ‘Chase Me’ Norvelle. Those of a certain age will remember him from variety shows on TV in the 80’s – and curiously, as a dancer on Top Of The Pops (not as in Pan’s People but as a sort of enthusiastic ringer to get the starstruck youths to stop staring at the cameras and dance to Bananarama or the Pointer Sisters.

His schtick was to play the camp entertainer with the sleeves of his pastel suit rolled up to reveal VERY limp wrists. Is this man gay? Or has he no pride? A short visit to Wikipedia may answer these and more. Fair play to him – he’s kept a career going on it for 30 years – unless he owns an MOT testing centre on the side. He’s certainly been very protective of the Norvelle brand. Stoic even.

However, I do find the concept of an extremely limp-wristed gentleman hosting a darts event somewhat ironic. “Be prepared to laugh,” says the poster. Well I wouldn’t enter into too much preparation – unless he continually throws darts into his own feet due to his under-developed wrist muscles… Still he still looks well on it – but those 80’s publicity shots do flatter to deceive.

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