Miracle in St Evenage: Part Two

The bugger about blogs is that the entries appear in reverse chronological order which ruins a story like this. All I can say is, read the post below and then come back up and read this entry – unless you’ve already read the one below, in which case, welcome back!

Weirdly, the car that came out of the car park then went on to Danesgate my second-choice car park. Why? I can only imagine the barriers got the numbers mixed up and let an extra car in when there no spaces left. Either that or the last space was so awkward (and there are some buggers in there) they just cut their losses, saved some scratched bodywork and bailed.

As it was, I got the penultimate space in Danesgate – in a bloody awkward space. I have taken a picture to illustrate this. Getting out of there should be fun tonight…

My silver Focus, in the corner. Wish me luck.

My silver Focus, in the corner. Wish me luck.

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  1. I presume you made it out, as there were no posts about you hurting your car. Possibly a different story if your wife was behind the wheels, don’t you think?

    • pottaz

       /  March 2, 2009

      Au contraire, apart from a minor disagreement with a skip (and there was another incident with a hired van and a wall, come to think of it) my wife’s driving skills are beyond reproach.


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