Walkern is a Winter Wonderland.

Fresh Hertfordshsire snow

Fresh Hertfordshsire snow

No parking in Stevenage for me. As predicted, arctic conditions that originated in the er… Arctic made a beeline for Stevenage and surrounding villages. London even came to a standstill as well. London buses gave their drivers a day off to play in the snow, which was nice for them. My son’s school was closed – in fact I’m not sure any opened their doors.

The Tubes were paralysed with defective trains doing their best to help the situation. From my vantage point overlooking the whiteout, trekking into Oxford Circus really didn’t seem like a good idea. If colleagues 37 miles closer to my office couldn’t make it in, I didn’t fancy my chances.

My next door neighbour gave it a go in his Audi and returned 5 minutes later. He’d made it as far as the end of the Close and turned back. As it proved later, someone else had made it to Stevenage station, seen the empty platform, taken the hint and gone back home.

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