Satellite-navigating movie-watching commuting machine.

BIG NEWS! The Sat Nav that I’ve been coveting for weeks – nay, months – came down in price just enough for me to classify it ‘a bargain’ and justify the purchase. It has arrived. And I am pleased. For not only does it run TomTom, it also plays movies. So if I’m not driving but instead commuting on the train, I can watch Zombie Strippers (just for example) on a 4.3 widescreen. My own personal IMAX. Words cannot…



Though I will say this: it does seem to be a little picky when the Sat Nav decides to lock on to the satellites. It’s correctly configured and I know it works best outside, but sometimes it just seems to turn its back on the sky, sticks its fingers in its ears and crosses its arms tightly in a huff – maybe it wouldn’t do that with the male voice. Especially the Australian.

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