Barrier maths FAIL.

For some reason I was ahead of myself this morning, getting to Swingate a full 5 minutes before usual. Bloomin’ good job I did. There were 2 spots left. One was a real insurance job. You’d have trouble getting in and out without some serious paintwork scrapage. I’d just watched a Mini perform a 17-point turn (the last 10 or so just needless – a complete khazi – she was basically in but trying to be straight and central, but made very hard work of it).

See that last space on the left? Good luck with that one...

See that last space on the left? Good luck with that one...

There was another space next to hers that was even harder to get in. I made one attempt then cut my losses. I didn’t want to put on a show like the Mini had done moments earlier. Round the corner was an easier one. Still not straightforward – that’s why it’s one of the last to go – but 3 manouvres and I was snug.

And as I locked up and walked away, there were 2 more cars looking for spaces – a bit like musical chairs, but this time with cars and spaces. Well, the first car finds the last space and begins to find an angle to start with while the other does a fruitless circuit before heading for the exit. Now, the naughty Polo and naughty Rover hadn’t used the kerb this morning (which normally throws out the numbers). Would the black Focus (and I felt some kinship here) go semi-legal? No. It left and probably headed to Danesgate.

So there you are, Stevenage Borough Council; your Swingate barrier’s out by one spot. Is this a temporary abberation or the millennium bug (it must have had an effect somewhere…)?

+++ UPDATE +++

Arriving back at Swingate on my way home, naughty red Rover had obviously arrived a little later and bagged the half-on/half-off spot. Cheeky!

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