The bane of my life.

Exhibit A, m'lud.

Exhibit A, m'lud.

Not parking. The bit after. Commuting. And not that in itself. People. And their wheelie suitcases. Admittedly they can be a necessary evil, but evil they are!

1. Fully extended at a 40-degree angle, they take up the room of 4 people – and in a rush-hour situation that’s just bloody greedy.

2. People don’t see ’em. I am blessed with fantastical peripheral vision and all-round awareness. However, the mere mortals around me don’t seem able to spot a ‘wheelie’ and plough on into what they think is dead space because there’s nothing in their way at head height. WRONG! Cue the pile-up with everyone blaming each other. And to think I used to hate rucksacks (though students with poor peripheral vision still wipe out children and smaller adults with an ill-timed turn from time to time).

3. The abrupt halt their owners come to in order to pick the case up to carry up or down steps. They do this as though there isn’t an unstoppable mass of humanity right behind them, which of course there always is. No backwards glance for them. They just slam on the anchors and do a bit of handle husbandry, blissfully unaware of the carnage of twisted limbs and robust language trailing in their wake.

You can bet there's a wheelie case under that lot.

You can bet there's a wheelie case under that lot.

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