Hansel and Gretel.

Same corner. New trolleys. Somebody call Scooby and the team.

Same corner. New trolleys. Somebody call Scooby and the team.

No doubt at the time, leaving a trail of pound coins so they could find their way back home to Tesco seemed like a very good idea. Unfortunately, unattended pound coins don’t hang around for long in Stevenage – especially when Poundland’s within walking distance. A pound will get you a 12-pack of pan-scourers or an extremely fragile toy truck; that kind of temptation is hard to resist.

These two turned up a couple of days ago. I tried to take a photo the night before last but the flash on my cameraphone is bobbins. At first I thought one had come along to keep the original orphan company, but no. These two are brand new to Swingate’s nascent Trolley Corner. They’re both from Tesco. Careful examination of previous TrolleyWatch posts will show that the original ‘top-up-shop’ trolley (as apposed to the ‘big-weekly-shop’ version) was in fact from Asda.

So now I’m wincing like Columbo. Same location – almost to the inch. That says to me it’s the same person leaving these trolleys here. Why? Tesco is but 300 yards away. Parking at Tesco is free (if you shop there). Parking at Swingate is not. So it’s not down to money or parking convenience. I deduce therefore that our culprit is a fully-fledged pedestrian. So why wheel your shopping as far as Swingate and leave it there? There are no flats nearby. I have 2 theories:

1. They get the train. They push the trolley yea far and save themselves 300 yards of bag-carrying. If they’re getting on the train, it’s all steps from here on in, so there’s nothing for it but to abandon trolley.
2. The more I think about it, the more I think I only have one theory.

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  1. Nadia Money

     /  March 11, 2009

    Right now we’re reading The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy.


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