It was a year ago today.

I have only ever parked in the Westgate multi-storey once. No joy at Swingate, none at Danesgate either. I bypassed Southgate (a lot of ‘gates’ aren’t there) and ended up being one of 5 cars in a car park with a capacity for 1023. A long walk to and from the station too – but in bad weather, it could be your friend. But like I say, I’ve only needed it once. Not the most inviting place but I would say that this chap has taken his reaction to extremes.

You’ll be pleased to know that it all ended happily. After an hour and a half of negotiations, he was persuaded to climb down and stop being so silly. I have no information beyond that, but if this was you, here’s another YouTube gem to cheer you up and stop it from happening again.

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