A cross-dresser in Stevenage.

A ladyman that's a little more comvincing than ours.

A ladyman that's a little more convincing than ours.

Stevenage has a cross-dresser – not an easy place to be one, I would imagine. We probably have more than one but I can only comment on the very short, oriental chap that makes for a very unconvincing woman.

Invariably he’s in high heels which he has enormous trouble walking in. He looks even more ungainly when he tries to run in them – which I witnessed last week. He wore a long coat over an evening dress and high heels with diamante tassles. Careering along the bridge from the station to the car park, he looked like he was going to turn his ankle with every step.

He’s thinning on top and has a very masculine face, so he is to be applauded for his bravery in putting his preferences on public display when he’s fooling absolutely no one.

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  1. He’s lived in Stevenage for at least 25 years. Don’t know how long he’s been cross-dressing. Didn’t used to do it back then…


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