The natives are getting restless.

Yes, I’ll admit it’s been a little while you were last party to my innermost parking-related thoughts. In my defence, I have been away. But now I’m back and boy am I parking in Stevenage. (Yes I am.)

I came, I parked, I took a panoramic photograph.

I came, I parked, I took a panoramic photograph.

No much to report other than, thanks to a continuing tilt in the Earth’s axis, the evenings in Stevenage and surrounding villages (SASV) are getting lighter. I come home and I see daylight. My tulips are a delight, I can tell you. The crocuses were early but badly battered by the rain. The daffodils promised much, kept us waiting and ultimately disappointed. However, my tulips are a sight to behold. So I shall share them like a proud, green-fingered father.

There is bad news however. The 8.08 has lost 4 carriages. Used to have 8 but due to ‘a shortage of rolling stock’ (one announcement dubbed them ‘units’ – what’s wrong with ‘carriages’?) there are half that number. There are still the same number of passengers though… Whether this is temporary or not is unclear. We’re at the 3-week mark and with every day the suspicion grows that this may be ‘how it’s going to be’. Taking matters into my own hands, I aim to get one of 2 earlier trains, but deep down I am aggrieved.

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