Astonishing legroom.

When they aren’t on strike or being bailed out by the Government, National Express trains are pretty swanky. Free Wi-fi, an in-flight (on rail) magazine – LiveWire! – and power supplies for laptops and mobiles. But I’ve just discovered a seat on the train with at least 15% extra legroom in standard class. It’s about 2 rows in from the end on the carriage, close to the suitcase rack/bay thing.

Look out for it if you value your patellas.

Knees and seat in space-between-them shocker!

Knees and seat in space-between-them shocker!

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  1. IAN

     /  August 5, 2009

    Sorry mate but I won’t hear a good word said for National Express. I am a regular user on London to Stansted or E. Anglia services and they offer nothing but delays, cancellations and to top it off on the eve of a 2day strike with no compensation if you are not a season ticket holder they fined me £20 tonight for sitting in first class which I did having been previously informed by their staff that I could do so if there were no seats elsewhere – which there weren’t. No warning notices. No caution. No polite warning not to do it next time but threats to call the police and treat me as if I were a paid up member of Al Quaeda. They have a monopoly and screw the traveller into the ground. It’s a completeley 3rd world service and tonight they have made an enemy of me for life. Whenever I can avoid it I shall avoid National Express coaches trains buses whatever. I hope they go broke and the little Hitler who fined me tonight ends up on the dole for the rest of her life. That’s how much I like them and their sh*t trains. This is the image we give of our Olympic country to the people coming from Stansted Airport to London. Shameful. Glad I don’t have to live in UK full-time.

  2. On this issue of extra legroom. I once assumed I had discovered this anomaly on an intercity 125 between Norwich and Ipswich (this was after their 2004/5 refit). I regularly made the effort to seek out the end-of-carriage seats just for the purpose of giving my femurs the opportunity to sit parallel with the seat-pad thereby saving my inflamed patellae.

    • pottaz

       /  August 27, 2009

      I’m reliably informed by a respected member of the medical profession that the patella is considered the hardest bone in the body to break. One for the DF Quiz? I promise to abstain. Andn you might want to double-check that. Bloody doctors, eh…


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