What is it with airport carpets?

I flew out of Luton airport the other week. I was staring down at my feet waiting to board my flight.

A ploy to sell more Priority Boarding passes?

A ploy to sell more Priority Boarding passes?

And then it hit me: airport carpet.
Where do they get it from?
Who designs it in the first place?
Who approved the design?
Who at Luton said, “Yes! That’s the one we want!”
How long has it been there?
Since the 80’s?
Even this design goes beyond the 80’s excesses.
Do they want the queasy to throw up before they board the plane?

No one would have this in their own home. Would they?

I accept airport carpets need to be hard-wearing, but do they need to be so hard on the eyes?

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  1. Those carpets also remind me of my school days. I used to travel from Grimsby to Caistor every morning on appleby coaches. Their seats were covered with the same gut wrenching style. I’ll try and track down an image, although it may bring back some unwanted memories.

  2. It is my understanding that, rather like military camouflage and the masking of prototype cars, this ‘energetic’ patterning provides sufficient visual disturbance to hide the misery of tens of thousands of grubby footsteps.

    You will find similar material in lots of high-traffic, high-dirt environments: public transport, public houses and nightclubs. I am not convinced that a better material could not be found.

  3. Dear Sir,
    We feel that you are being too harsh on airport carpets, and think that Luton’s carpet shows a Cubist panache and joie de vivre that is seldom seen on airport floorings.
    At Carpets For Airports we hope to analyze and praise the hidden mysteries of the airport carpet as, I hope, our website http://www.carpetsforairports.com shows. In fact we’d love to include your picture of Luton Aiport’s carpet in our global database of carpets. Please let us know if this would be possible.
    The Carpets For Airports team
    “Photographing the Floor Beneath The Sky Above Your Feet”


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