Kind of a big deal : part 1

LinkedIn. Know it? It’s kind of like Facebook but with a businessy twist. The egomaniacal voyeur in me particularly likes the fact that you can check to see how any people have been looking at your profile. It will even give you a rough profile of the people who’ve swung by to check on your business life story.

This week it’s the same old mix of headhunters and people in similar roles checking out the opposition. But HELLO, who’s this having a butcher’s at my bio? Head at Aardman?

I guess they're just drawn to me.

I guess they're just drawn to me.

Has my unique way with words reached the ears of Nick Park? Will Parking in Stevenage be retired in favour of Scriptwriting in Bristol? Will I bound on to the stage at the Oscars alongside the Old Parkster in one of his ridiculous bow-ties? I’ve not had the call yet, but when he reads this he’ll realise the game’s up, come clean and get me to grammar-check his latest screenplay.

Watch this space.

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