Today I am mostly listening to…

…Richard Hawley’s new album, Truelove’s Gutter.

So how did that come about? I’m glad I asked. Very occasionally, the nice folks at EMI send me CDs to see if I’d like to use any of their tracks for advertising campaigns I might be working on. It’s not entirely altruistic – I’d have to pay them handsomely for the privilege.

They also sent me the Dolly Rockers (very poor), Nick Cave (too laidback) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (OK from halfway onwards) and one or two others. So on the iPod they go – and when I remember to, I audition them to see if they’re any good (imho).

And once again in html: Richard Hawley - Truelove's Gutter.

Well blow me down, this Hawley chap is pretty darned good. Very mellow, almost country. Shades of that Walk The Line/Man in Black/prison gig chap – reader’s voice: JOHNNY CASH! – yes him…

My wife would dismiss it as slit-your-wrists music*. Well, for all the melancholy washing over me, my arteries remain unsevered. It’s a delightful find. If EMI hadn’t brought him to my attention, I doubt our paths would ever have crossed.

If you’d like to see whether you side with me or Mrs me, give him a listen at

*This was confirmed later

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