First glove of the season.

Lost glove

Crossing over Lytton Way on the bridge, I see the forlorn shape of a black woollen glove, abandoned, waiting for its owner to return. But lost gloves and glove losers are so rarely reunited.

I wonder, can Parking in Stevenage become a force for good? Could it become a sort of Gloves Reunited site? After all, I’ve already explored my altruistic sensibilities with my shopping trolley rehousing project earlier this year.

But no, there is already too much to report on in this blog. I just can’t afford to offer people with odd gloves false hope. If I see another – like you all undoubtedly will – I shall simply offer up a silent prayer for the fallen.

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  1. Hi Parking In Stevenage

    We love your blog.. and after having a listener write in about losing her glove, we would like to take you up on your idea of Gloves Reunited. We’re inviting listeners to send us pics of gloves when found.. if you spot any more let us know! Keep up the good work!


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