Tornado at Finsbury Park.

Well we have had some filthy weather of late but this was a different type of tornado. Ahhhh, days of steam. Even though I saw the word ‘Tornado’ down the side, the information have found suggests this is the name of the class of engine (or whatever) and the name on the front is the actual name.

Man looks at old train from slightly less old train.

Anyway, there it was,  pulling away from Finsbury Park at roughly the same rate that we were.

My dad would have been beside himself. Hey dad, this post’s for you.

Talisman on the front, Tornado down the side. Don't ask...

My Celebrity Whirl – Panto Edition.

It never rains, it pours.

Next up in my pantheon of stardom is John Altman, best-known as Nasty Nick Cotton from out of off of off of EastEnders.

Where are the brussel sprouts? Behind you!!!

I’d been meaning to mention the panto at Stevenage and John has forced my hand. So there I am in Tesco getting some bits for my son’s birthday party and who’s that inspecting the lettuce – my new best pal John. He’s playing the lead in Aladdin at the Gordon Craig Theatre, cultural beacon of Stevenage and the one landmark you could pick out from the train if you were just passing through.

Must be opening night soon. So are they putting John up in a swanky hotel somewhere nearby (the Ibis is perilously close) or have they found him a nice place to rent for a month? My money’s on the latter.

Checking a YouTube interview, John says he’s staying up in Henlow – that’s about 20 minutes away. Still reckon it’s a house.

In the meantime, you can keep up with rehearsals with this fascinating behind-the-wall, fly-on-the-scenes video-blog!

My celebrity whirl.

Not everyone’s life has the level of excitement that fills my own. Not everyone can rub shoulders with captains of industry and stars of stage and screen. So I feel it only fair to share the sparkly wondrousness that blesses my daily existence for the benefit of people who don’t occasionally walk within 100 yards of someone vaguely famous.

1. Lily Cole. We’re becoming very close, even though we don’t talk much. At all, in fact. But we do see each other nearly every morning. I’ll be arriving at King’s Cross from Stevenage and she’ll be on her way to catch her train to university in Cambridge.

Hi Lily – if you happen to be Googling yourself.

Summer wardrobe.

It's amazing the difference a hat makes.


2. Stephen Mangan from out of Green Wing and the Barclaycard adverts. Went to school in Hertfordshire, so we’d have had loads to talk about, but alas I didn’t have that nugget to hand when I walked past him on my way to Pret yesterday. Anyway, he’s my best mate now and needless to say, he thinks I’m HILARIOUS.

A better stalker than I snapped him with Kevin Spacey.

3. Kirsty Wark from out of Newsnight bumping into Jeremy Vine also out of Newsnight. In Carluccio’s. Not much to report here other than they were on separate tables having an informal chat with somebody and then they noticed each other. Small world, eh.

Newsnight's Wark.

Newsnight's Vine



Goodness, it’s better than OK! In nearly both senses of the word.

STOP PRESS: Hat man has new hat!

And it’s another kepi – a proper navy blue General de Gaulle job. Do I like it? Well I prefer it to the other one. The white and tan leather job was way too consciously ethnic. “Hey everyone, I’ve got Bob Marley’s entire back catalogue!”

2009-11-10 08.33.52-1

Sorry - it's the best I could do amid all the excitement.

Did I miss a meeting? Are these on-trend? I don’t think so. Derek (I believe) has found his niche and he is working it, baby! What’s going to happen with the other one? Is he going to alternate? I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight.

kepi blue

A kepi that wasn't moving.


Just a silly little thing really.

I screen-grabbed my computer’s clock at 12:13 today – 2009, 10th November.

A unique moment in time (as they all are, I suppose).

You could argue that the 09 goes after the 11 so the numbers don’t really add up but then you’d only be arguing with yourself because you are me. Let’s face it, no one else is going to read this inconsequential drivel.

I still love you. You know that.

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