My celebrity whirl.

Not everyone’s life has the level of excitement that fills my own. Not everyone can rub shoulders with captains of industry and stars of stage and screen. So I feel it only fair to share the sparkly wondrousness that blesses my daily existence for the benefit of people who don’t occasionally walk within 100 yards of someone vaguely famous.

1. Lily Cole. We’re becoming very close, even though we don’t talk much. At all, in fact. But we do see each other nearly every morning. I’ll be arriving at King’s Cross from Stevenage and she’ll be on her way to catch her train to university in Cambridge.

Hi Lily – if you happen to be Googling yourself.

Summer wardrobe.

It's amazing the difference a hat makes.


2. Stephen Mangan from out of Green Wing and the Barclaycard adverts. Went to school in Hertfordshire, so we’d have had loads to talk about, but alas I didn’t have that nugget to hand when I walked past him on my way to Pret yesterday. Anyway, he’s my best mate now and needless to say, he thinks I’m HILARIOUS.

A better stalker than I snapped him with Kevin Spacey.

3. Kirsty Wark from out of Newsnight bumping into Jeremy Vine also out of Newsnight. In Carluccio’s. Not much to report here other than they were on separate tables having an informal chat with somebody and then they noticed each other. Small world, eh.

Newsnight's Wark.

Newsnight's Vine



Goodness, it’s better than OK! In nearly both senses of the word.

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