Stevenage. By Royal Appointment.

Just read a bit in the news about Her Majesty the Queen taking the train up to Sandringham for her Christmas break. I suppose it’s part keeping it real for the subjects and part saving money.

Stevenage awaits Her Royal Highness.

She would have travelled from King’s Cross as far as King’s Lynn (and kings and no queens, eh Liz?) and gone by road from there. Can you see where I’m headed (and indeed our glorious monarch) with this ? Through Stevenage. Unless they spend millions so the Queen doesn’t have to go though SG1, she does actually pass by Stevenage – probably at around 100mph, but even at that speed you can still make out the Gordon Craig Theatre, the bright lights of Lytton Way and the massive B&Q.

You must stop by and explore your nation’s first New Town, Ma’am. Be lovely to see you.

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