I’ve been meaning to do a post about a Sven Goran Eriksson lookalike on the train. I’ve seen him a few times and I’ve done a bit of Google stalking and discovered that a professional Sven-a-like lives in Welwyn Garden City, so it’s probably him.

He's THAT good.

Not sure why he travels up as far as Stevenage in the evening. Maybe he’s seeing an Ulrika lookalike on the sly. He does look impossibly like Sven though – he must get stopped ALL the time.

Ulrika-like: not necessarily having an affair.

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  1. Well.., err, it could be me or maybe it’s really Svennis?
    Yes I DO get lots of attention all the time and even when I am not in character and speaking in my natural voice, people often don’t believe that I’m not him. More TV work coming up during 2010 so a few more people will judge how much of a real dead ringer I realy am?
    Find me on Facebook, Plaxo and many other social networks or Google “Sven lookalike Derek Williams” for press reports and TV links…
    Best wishes to all my friends and fans and lets hope England do well in South Africa in the summer!

    • pottaz

       /  February 23, 2010

      That has quite made my day. You were onto yourself so quickly! What a pro.

  2. The reach this blog has is bewildering. Are there any minor home counties celebrities that don’t read Parking In Stevenage?

    That said, has Pottaz forgotten the raison d’√™tre of this blog? I have heard little of the municipal parking arrangements in recent weeks. I shouldn’t complain, but it appears I just have.

    • pottaz

       /  February 11, 2010

      Tis true, I have wandered a little from the core premise of this blog. But I think a little poetic licence is allowed – especially when it comes to Britain’s first New Town.

      However, I shall endeavour to put the Parking back into ‘Parking in Stevenage’ with an entry regarding a Grand Cherokee and a large ribbon.


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