Stevenage Leisure Park: wrong side of the tracks.

I was looking for an image of Stevenage Leisure Park and I found this, courtesy of

Super job. It’s perhaps not quite as grim as this in real life. At night with the bright lights turned on, one feels strangely drawn to SLP’s many attractions.

A former Stevenage resident (currently living in Russia) has pointed out to me her delight at seeing the SLP signposted at a ‘tourist attraction’ complete with official brown road sign. It looks like this:

This denotes a 'pleasure or theme park'.

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  1. *Laughs like a drain*

    That’s the one. Always amusing.

    Sadly, not in Russia any more though. In fact, I’m living next to a street full of very… familiar looking rows of houses. You can take the girl out of Stevenage…

  2. pottaz

     /  May 7, 2010

    My mistake. And why wouldn’t one want to be reminded of Stevenage Sweet Stevenage every day of one’s life…


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