The overpass of show tunes.

To get from Swingate, my default car park of choice, to Stevenage station, I must traverse an overpass that takes me through the Gordon Craig Theatre building and over the 6 lanes of Lytton Way.

For the bit where you’re in the enclosed overpass, Gordon Craig has noticed that he has a bit of a captive audience.

So why not use the 30 seconds or so it takes to get from one end to the other to advertise current and upcoming shows? Why not indeed. So now, if you haven’t got the iPod earphones wedged in your ears you’re treated to excerpts from Gordon’s shows.

However, late at night, it can become quite eerie. With no one else around, it evokes the spooky feeling of someone chancing upon an abandoned circus with a lone gramophone playing a crackly number from a West End show. Or a nursery rhyme in a minor key.

“Mack The Knife” was a bad choice.

I wonder if Gordon’s ever experienced this, because I reckon he might want to consider putting something more calming or reassuring on, like live police radio broadcasts or that frequency that scares teenagers away while the rest of us can’t hear it.

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