Properly cold.

OK, today it is cold. Properly cold. That mild pain in your fingers you haven’t felt since early March. It’s back. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s tempting to stay under the covers. But at least it’s sunny today.

But the cold brings with it the ubiquitous SuperDry Technical Windcheater. I mentioned it only last month. But the colder weather has brought them out in force. I’m holding mine back til the last possible minute. Why? Cos I’d rather not blend into the multi-zipped uniform of the commuting masses.

London: winter 2010 - a typical commuter's eye view.

On Monday I saw two at Stevenage station before I’d even got anywhere.

And today I saw the green, yellow, white and red variants. And I noticed a colleague had one with pink stitching. The upside was that I was able to point out the little thumb-holes in the sleeves to keep you extra toasty, which she hadn’t noticed before. Hello Nicky!

And I saw a handsome chap in the mirror wearing his red variant. Damn he looked good though. After all, it was properly cold today.

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