Oh why, oh why, oh wi-fi.

East Coast. Very nice trains. And on my line at least, very punctual. Swanky interiors. ‘In-flight’ magazine. Free wi-fi. Scratch that. What used to be free wi-fi is now 15 minutes of free wi-fi. If you want longer you have to pay. Or go First Class.

Elaine Holt, head of East Coast and a bit of a train (right).

Excuse me, East Coast, I think you’re going in the wrong direction. Everyone else seems to be offering free wi-fi – from the likes of O2 to independent coffee shops. The days of paying for it are dying out. Now, I know times are tight and if you can charge for something you will – and from where I’m sitting your monopoly is absolute – but in the name of offering passengers something called ‘service’, would it kill you to let us have wi-fi without the catch? I pay thousands of pounds a year for the privilege of using your trains and the price certainly ain’t coming down any time soon.

Don’t go all Ryanair on us, please.

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