Who smokes cigars in the car these days?

I’m feeling very manly. For the first time in my life, I’ve changed a fuse in a car. Changed plenty around the house but never the car.

At first I thought the little FM transmitter thing I use to play my iPod through the car radio had bust. You buy ’em for about £4 on eBay from a place in China and you don’t really expect them to last forever.

So when first one went, I bought a replacement. When that didn’t work, I wondered if it was the cigar lighter (who smokes cigars in the car these days?).

And so it was. Checking the Focus manual, fuse 47, hiding behind the glovebox, needed looking at. I got the fuse picker-outer from another fuse box under the bonnet and replaced fuse 47. Hey presto, everything works again.

The outgoing Fuse 47.

I love it when you can fix a car for £2.09.

The only slight niggle I have is that I’m not quite sure if the glovebox is quite what it was. Now when you open it, it flops open like a difficult teenager. I feel sure that my meagre Zetec was never blessed with hydraulically dampened glovebox but I don’t remember it being this ‘relaxed’.

If you have a 53 reg 1.8 litre Ford Focus Zetec with an as-new glovebox, can I have a go on it?

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