King’s Cross showing a bit of leg.





If you commute through King’s Cross you may be ahead of me.

For as long as I can remember, there’s been work in progress, updating the station into the shiny utopia depicted in the posters.

Most of this work happens behind hoardings, with occasional big reveals giving the public a tantalising glimpse of the future.

I remember the day that the Northern Ticket Hall was unveiled out of thin air – partly down to a post on this very blog.

I certainly didn’t see it coming – yet there it was, a whole new ticket hall they’d been hiding all this time. What else have they been keeping from us?

Well it turns out that the lattice/circular canopy isn’t just a pipe-dream on a poster, it’s as real as you or I, and they’re starting to give us a flash, bit by bit. Almost daily, we’re treated to a bit more King’s Cross thigh. It makes you wonder when it’s all going to come off, giving is a full frontal of the new King’s Cross in the raw.

I, for one, have my tenner ready to tuck into the garter. “Go on love, show us yer concourse!”

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