King’s Cross: getting closer all the time.

King’s Cross is getting closer and closer to completion as the days go by (you’d hope). I’ve touched on it before and over the Christmas period they revealed even more to us. You could get a  glimpse of their new ticket hall from different vantage points. Any day now I’m expecting to see the hoardings fall away to reveal the full monty. Well, the briefest of Googles offers us this thrilling insider shot of the new ticket hall. If you’ve ever wanted to see it filled with rail workers in Santa hats, hold on to your trousers because your wish just came true!

The new ticket hall (1000 Santas not included).

And here’s a quote from the press release:

“Over 600 people – from engineers, electricians and builders to carpenters, stone masons and abseilers – who are working to transform King’s Cross station got into the festive spirit today to celebrate the end of major construction work on the new western concourse. The new concourse is the stand-out feature of the £500m redevelopment of King’s Cross to make it into a world-class transport hub. The striking domed roof covers an area three-times the size of the existing concourse and big enough to fit over six Olympic-sized swimming pools. As well as providing a brighter, more spacious station, it will contain a wide range of new food and drink outlets and shops, plus improved facilities which will improve the journey experience for passengers.”

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