New post.

This is a new post about a new post. It’s my first day in Swingate this year. Later starts have meant I’ve had to resort to Danesgate and Southgate.

Avid readers will know that some naughty cars park in spots that aren’t really spots to park in. One is right by the barriers in front of a tree. It’s only half a space, so cars parking there are half on the pavement too.

The new concrete bollard. Or 'collard'.

Well the powers that be have spotted this infringement and done something about it. They’ve erected a concrete post which puts the kybosh on that space. Naughty Rover and Toyota take note. Or face a hefty repair bill…

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  1. Bitchbag

     /  January 23, 2012

    Any chance of a snapshot of the new ride?

  1. The space that wasn’t there. « Parking in Stevenage

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