Walkern white-out

Once again, a few flakes of snow cause chaos, wreak havoc and do all the other hyperbolic things the news says it does.

How does this affect Parking In Stevenage? It means I sacrifice the Focus for the BMW. But why, the Beemer’s crap in the snow, right? Dear reader, you are not wrong. With that knowledge, my wife commandeers the Focus for the school runs. Fair enough, I’ve just got a 10-minute run into Stevenage; she’s weaving across most of Herts and crossing the border into Essex. But about that nice new Fiat 500 you bought her for Christmas? That’s what I thought. But apparently changing gears in the snow could be awkward (?) and besides, what if it got damaged? It seems that the Focus is not only sure-footed in slippy conditions, it’s also expendable should anything untoward occur.

The toughest part of my journey is getting the BMW out of the private close we live on. Fortunately it’s downhill to the road, so at least that’s in our favour. I could have done without the car parked across the street from the close. It’s a steep little run and it would be easy to slide into his passenger door. Anyway, that negotiated, it was an east run to Swingate.

But of course getting there is one thing, finding a spot is a different matter. I don’t mean finding a vacant spot’s a problem. If anything, there were more spaces available than usual, but the issue facing me this morning is illustrated below. We’re reduced to parking from memory.

White Lines... Er, where?

Rather than just random anarchy, everyone’s done their level best to park where they think the lines should be. It’d be interesting to see if a sudden thaw revealed how close we’d been. A bit like ‘The Cube’ but outside.

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  1. A glorious white whine. Now, just to clear something up, when people say that BMWs are rubbish in the snow, what happens to all those people in Germany, Switzerland and so-on that get lots of snow yet still manage to get to the shops, the slops and the office in their Ultimate Driving Machine? Perhaps instead of buying Mrs. W a Fiat 500 you could have spent the cash on some winter tyres and snow socks ( http://www.autosockdirect.co.uk/?gclid=COe40Kigia4CFQwgfAod1GHZ3w ). Just a thought πŸ™‚

  2. pottaz

     /  February 8, 2012

    There’s a part of me that thinks she’d have preferred the Fiat to the socks.

    “The most difficult vehicles to fit are – no surprise – rear wheel drive cars with limited clearance.”

    That’ll be me then. 3 Series Touring M Sport, the low-slung ‘hairy’ family car of choice…

    • And by slops I mean, of course, slopes.

      It seems a cruel irony that the car that would benefit most from the chain/sock accessory is also the one it is most problematic to fit.

      At least it’s all melting now.


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