Jumper on the roof.

Don’t you just hate when someone selfish wants to top themselves and in the process inconveniences hundreds of commuters who just want to get home rather than shuffle off this mortal coil? I know I do.

Thankfully I wasn’t caught up in this incident at Stevenage station late in Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Reports from 106Jack and the Comet tell us that a suicidal 19 year old was at the centre of a 3 hour standoff with police.

He’d climbed up on to the roof of the station (no mean feat) which meant the authorities felt compelled to shut down the electricity supply to the overhead lines. That meant that the trains in the area weren’t just paralysed, they had no lighting either.

Passengers had to wait in the dark for 3 hours until they were evacuated and led along the tracks to safety and coaches to take them onwards.

Now I sympathise with the plight of a young man whose outlook on his own life is so bleak he’s willing to take it, but there must be more considerate ways to go about it. Think ‘Do I really want end it all?’ but also ‘Am I going to muck a lot of people about by (nearly) going through with it here?’

Apparently it all ended peacefully and the usual combination of a hospital visit and police charges followed.

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