King’s Cross 2.0

After a very long wait, the day has arrived and I couldn’t let it pass without comment.

The covers are off the new ‘Western Departures Concourse’ and it looks great – a massive leap forward for King’s Cross.

The weird thing was seeing people wandering about the place as though it had been like this all the time – made me feel a bit like I was late to the party.


Courtesy of @floheiss (BIG shout out!)

I don’t know what I was expecting really. It’s like Christmas. The wait is the thing. The day arrives and you go, “Oh yeah, no biggie.”

I did treat myself to a ride down the new escalator – and to be fair, it shaves a good 30 seconds of my commute to the Tube. Progress!

They were handing out maps so people could find their way around the new layout – saves them gathering up the 40 or so strays at the end of the day and shipping them home with a note.

You are here.

A Paperchase and a Boots – could prove priceless. And I haven’t even checked out the Parcel Yard yet. So much to explore! But I’ve got to get home/to work…

Here it is at night: concourse of the future!


Neighbourly parking.

It’s a Thursday, traditionally not the busiest day in Swingate. Busier than a Friday but not as busy as a Tuesday, obviously.

But lo and behold, the sign said it’s full. And it is. A hasty 3-point turn later, I’m on my way to Daneshill. Result: spaces.

Ahead of me there’s a car that’s vaguely familiar. As I park up, I see the driver rushing past to catch her train. It’s my neighbour Debbie and together we’ve bagged the last two spaces in Daneshill. Yay!

I guess that’s why they invented the word ‘serendipity’ (on the exact same day as ‘irony’ – fact).

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