Considering the Sportage.

So it’s nearly time to change the Focus and I like the crossover category of car. They look meaty and possibly more able to handle icy country roads that the BMW certainly can’t. Maybe I shouldn’t be swayed by the shape of the outside.

Thought about the Ford Kuga – no bigger than the Focus inside.

Liked the Audis but the Q5 ‘s out of my league and the Q3’s similar in size to the Focus again.

The Hyundai ix35 just looks a little bland in comparison. Practical considerations like economy and space take a back seat to looks. Who wants to walk back to the car park with a heavy heart?

If it weren’t for the run-flat tyres, the poor winter performance and the pricier servicing, our BMW 3 Series Touring would be the perfect family car.

The incumbent family motor. This is randomly off the web. Not my parking!

And then one thought that gauges the next car’s suitability (in my eyes only) is “What will it look like in Swingate?”

This will be the bigger family car. While my wife does the school run in her Christmas present runabout, I’ll be parking this thing in Stevenage all day. Will it stick out like a sore thumb? Will it say, “Look at me!”. Is it incongruous to have this ever-rising chunk of metal lauding it up over the earthbound Micras and Puntos?

Swingate is typically populated by Saxos, Clios, Hondas and Focuses. The pricier car parks nearer the station are more executive. Audi S4s rub bumpers with Freelanders, Lexuses and BMWs.

So what would a white Sportage look like in Swingate?

Lucky there’s no need for an artist’s impression or Photoshop. There’s one right here. Looks alright dunnit.


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  1. Would it be impertinent of me to suggest a Volvo? Like this one i just configured for you >
    Or the VW Tiguan is also rather nice >

    And while we’re at it (we were weren’t we?), it’s always troubled me that people poo-poo the BMW in winter. How many do they sell in the often-wintry markets of their native Germany & Austria? Surely they’re not all slip-sliding on rural roads from November to March. Makes me wonder if we’re a bit slack at looking at winter tryres the way they do.

    • pottaz

       /  May 15, 2012

      My father-in-law has had one for years and it’s been ‘bulletproof’ in his words. Frugal and reliable. But my mother-in-law has always refused to drive it. I think her daughter may not leap at it either. Thanks for configuring. It looks similar to the 3 Series (in colour, at least).

      The Tiguan is in that category too and has been considered, but our heart’s not in in. The shape’s wrong somehow. The Touareg’s shape is good, the Tiguan, not so good.

      King of this category of course is the Qashqai which is now ubiquitous everywhere we go. We took a look in the showroom and it’s well-specced inside but the outside is a bit like Action Man’s crotch area – bit too smooth. And not ‘hairy’ at all. It’s a bit, “I’ve given up.” How snobby am I? I’ll probably end up getting one…

      Germany gets the bad weather more predictably than here. There’d be an outcry if we were legally bound to change wheels every season. It’s just not necessary for 361 days of the year.

      • I could bore you with the merits of a genuine tyre change each autumn, Lord knows I’ve bored my 335 Ci owning Dad about it each year, but I won’t. Suffice to say, reduced tyre wear over 6 months offsets the cost and these days BMW or the likes of KwikFit can even store your winter tyres on a cheap set of steels for you. But it all requires you to consider that faff worthwhile. Few do.

  2. We picked up a Skoda Yeti recently and have been really really impressed with it. Just saying.

    • pottaz

       /  May 15, 2012

      I’ve seen the reviews and it scores highly in all categories. I used to work on the Skoda advertising account and I’m a big fan, but the Yeti doesn’t appeal visually and I know my wife would detest it. On the plus side, I’m about to cover 4 sections of the Tour de France in a brand new Skoda Superb. 1900 miles in 7 days. Glad I’m not driving…

  3. Dave Cooper

     /  May 15, 2012

    Went through exactly the same dilema – Kuga, Sportage, Kuga, Sportage – back and forth for months…… finally settled on a Vauxhall Insignia estate (only cause it has the coolest interior this side of a high performance sports car). p.s. I used to live near Stevenage. Is it really safe to park a decent car there?

    • pottaz

       /  May 15, 2012

      Dave – what are you doing here? Did Donna send you my way? You wouldn’t expect it but I’ve NEVER seen that tell-tale broken glass on the ground at any of the Stevenage station car parks. Used to live in Fulham and you’d see it all the time. You never can tell, eh… I have a feeling my wife would veto a Vauxhall of any description. The Sportage was designed by the guy that did the Audi TT, that’s why it suddenly looks the part.


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