Duncan Norvelle has a stroke.

That’s not a double entendre, he’s in hospital recovering from an actual stroke.
The strangest thing – I found the Chortle web page with the news open on my phone with no memory of clicking on anything or any knowledge of the story in the first place. Bizarre.*
However, my blog stats this morning would alert me to something being amiss. Over 600 hits across the weekend for the 2 or 3 Duncan Norvelle-related articles on here.
As I’ve mentioned before, you can see which search terms bring people to Parking in Stevenage. Duncan Norvelle is the single biggest puller here and there are plenty of variations on a theme. What’s striking is that among all the ‘married/gay’ search strings, not one person has searched for ‘is Duncan Norvelle OK?’ or ‘how is Duncan Norvelle?’. That’s a bit sad.

Back in ’93. The only excuse for that polo – and very feeble at that.

So I shall ask. How’s he doing? Well according to his agent Tony Jo, Duncan has been in hospital since April but expects to come out (of hospital!) in 2 or 3 weeks. And another 80’s variety trouper Stu Francis will be filling in for Duncan’s appearances while he’s recovering.
Now you’ve had your Norvelle fix, feel free to look around the blog. You’ll find exciting news about car parks close to Stevenage railway station. Though if you have a heart condition, perhaps you’d better give it a miss.

This has also afforded me to glean some more vital statistics on the great man, thanks to the news coverage – and this specifically from the Blackpool Gazette: “He has three children, Sophie (with ex-wife Trudi Dean), Yasmin (with former girlfriend Tina Hall) and Jack (with ex-wife Jane Lindsay). ”

*Just figured it out – a link from a mate’s tweet, clicked on and forgotten. And relax.

Underground bloggery.

…courtesy of Virgin Media’s wifi network at King’s Cross.

It’s my first post underground and it feels new, progressive, natural, liberating and at the same time slightly unnerving.

So there it is: another step forward into the omnipresent-data future.

We all know what it’s like to be without that link to the grid. It becomes like air. We miss it when it’s not there and often take it for granted.

But do we know enough about living in the cloud? Can our bodies withstand constant immersion in wifi microwaves (regardless of what we think we need)?

Well, for the short-term at least, it’s here and it’s free for the summer – is that a distant paywall I can hear coming down the tracks?

I shall enjoy it while it lasts or until it gives me something painfully terminal…


Introducing the new Ford Greenhouse.

Something I haven’t mentioned before is my allotment which has been part of my life for the past two years.

This year I’ve had no luck growing my brassicas from seed and even ordering seedlings through the post. So when I went to the garden centre on Sunday, I intended to put them in the ground the same day. Family commitments meant that i had to have fun and instead play baseball with my son’s new baseball bat, ball and glove – I’m still pretty handy as it happens…

This means that the 40 brassica seedlings on the floor of my Focus have had to stay there.

So now my Ford Focus (currently parked in Swingate) is playing the part of greenhouse for my brassicas – my collection of purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. And they’re loving it. Plenty of light and oh so toasty!

Might be worth leaving a handful in there to see how well they do compared with the raised beds…


Second last into Swingate.

Yup, you read it right, after I’d parked up there was just one space left in Swingate. Unbelievable. Eat that like a boss for the win, etc…

Or “beast” as my son would say.

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