Where we used to sit.

Ahhh, memories. Nothing stays the same, everything moves on. There was a time when we’d perch on the wooden slats atop the concrete blocks between platforms 1 and 2 – when they weren’t wet, frozen or covered with snow.

But now those days are gone. Bit by bit, the powers that be dismantled those slats and blocks so now they are no more.

To be replaced with? Well they were replaced before they were removed – with new shiny metal seats. They’ve got backs and everything. On-brand colours too.

Is this all just for the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Stevenage today?



It’s not you. It’s me. I’ve been… writing another blog.

For anyone that gives a toss, I started this blog because I like writing. I work in advertising and I write ads for other people all day, every day. People like to add their opinion, change my ideas. Sometimes it makes them better (yeah, right!). Sometimes I wish they’d leave well alone.

So this is Parking In Stevenage. All my own work – a true reflection on what I think is good. And while many of my colleagues were busy penning blogs that delved into the dark arts of marketing or digital or branding or whatever, I didn’t want to compete in that space; this was my playground and I could choose the most inane, tedious topic to document. Fact is, it’s getting even more tedious after 3 years – I’ve gone right through the bottom of the barrel – there’s just splinters where that used to be. But no – that won’t stop me or this blog. Parking In Stevenage will live on!

However, I’ve been distracted. I’ve looked elsewhere – outside of Hertfordshire, even. I now anonymously co-edit The London Egotist – the only site I know of that talks specifically to London’s creative community – adland and all the associated specialisms. If you’re interested, check it out. It’s actually very good. Yes, I would say that, wouldn’t I…

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