Why is Stevenage traffic suddenly all clogged up?



What is it all of a sudden with traffic in Stevenage? All backed up on the roundabout leading up to the Tesco Extra leading into Lytton Way, trailing back as far back as Fairlands Valley Park. I don’t understand.

Are there roadworks blocking other routes then? I don’t know. All I do know that I have to set off five minutes early to make sure I get the same train.

I mean, is this just temporary or is it permanent from now on?

Traffic’s always heaviest in the middle of the week, but even on Mondays it’s choggy.

I can’t get to Swingate any other route – that’s the nature of Lytton Way’s 5/6 lane dual carriageway. Unless I come at the big roundabout from Old Stevenage direction but then that’ll set me back routing from there anyway.

First World problems, eh…

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