Gordon Craig has everyone running for a burger.

This makes me laugh. The Gordon Craig Theatre building has recently undergone something of a makeover.

Gone is the gallery space they used to have at the heart of the building. In its place is perhaps the most soulless restaurant in Britain. With no windows, there’s no natural light and no view. Can’t imagine Mrs Parking In Stevenage would thank me for treating her to the set menu here.

Pi Bistro in full swing.

Pi Bistro in full swing.

In turn, this restaurant has moved from its old position, facing out onto Lytton Way, itself not the most desirable of vistas. So what’s there now, you’re not particularly asking?

The gym. I don’t know where this was before but perhaps in this game of musical chairs, the gallery now occupies that space.

So now we have the spectacle of 20 or so ruddy-faced sweating people running on the spot, lit up for the benefit of commuters heading home from the station over the bridge.


The runners have the opposite view, returning commuters, 6 lanes of traffic and, illuminated like some tortuous mirage, the golden arches of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Nando’s beyond.


But it doesn’t matter how fast they run; that Big Mac will always be out of reach. But they might just be able to make out the queue of Gordon Craig’s would-be diners beating a path to Stevenage Leisure Park and its culinary delights.

How safe is parking in Stevenage? This safe.

So I come back from work on the train and return to the car parked in Swingate. Standard procedure – it’s been Swingate for as long as I can remember – not even the snow or Christmas has interrupted that routine.

Only this time, on closer inspection, my driver’s window isn’t there. Two possible scenarios: I’ve inadvertently left it down or someone’s smashed it in completely.

No sign of the latter – and to be fair, I’ve never seen anyone’s window smashed in throughout my Stevenage parking career – unlike gentrified Fulham where I used to live. The familiar puddle of granulated safety glass on the kerb was a common sight.

So it was me. I wondered if my remote had learnt a new trick – winding down the window remotely when I unlocked the car. The BMW can do this. The Focus I don’t think can.

So there’s only one conclusion to draw: Swingate is safe enough to leave your car unattended with the driver’s window down for approximately 11 hours on a Tuesday. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.

Reminds me of the time I left the boot wide open while I went shopping in Tesco. Bit of a shock when I went back to the car, but again the culprit was me and the car hadn’t been touched. What an honest lot SG1s are.

A big shout out to Ardeley School. And their blog.

ardeley school blog

This is a thinly-veiled or not-even-veiled-at-all attempt to direct the Google bots over to the blog I set up for my daughter’s school.

It’s a lovely little village school with around 65 pupils. There’s a farm over the road and a village church next door. It really is an idyllic place to begin your education. Of course I’d recommend it – I’m a governor there.

One last link: Ardeley School’s blog >

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