Not straight.

Are you supposed to park with your wheels straight? I mean after you’ve finished your manoeuvres?

I don’t. Consequently my reasonable-in-every-way Ford Focus looks extra ‘hairy’ – ripe for a sexy wide angle photo from a low perspective.


Go on any second hand car site and you’ll see the sort of three-quarters-on shot I mean.

Meandering through Swingate towards the station I note that EVERY other car without exception has dutifully had its wheels left in perfect parallels heading straight ahead.

Is there a rule? Do they teach this at driving school? I don’t remember my diminutive driving instructor Tony telling me to ‘straighten my wheels’. I do remember how small he was though. I only discovered this at my driving test because until then I’d honestly only ever seen him sitting in the passenger seat of the car I was learning in. I’d never seen him standing up – not that it made much difference.

So, to straighten or just leave them where they lie? I’m guessing it must be something they teach. Possible reasons: takes the strain off the steering / makes sure the steering doesn’t become imbalanced / makes sure when you drive off you know where your wheels are facing / just assimilate with the rest of the population, you mindless automaton…

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