10 new spaces in Swingate

This is possibly the biggest thing to happen in Swingate since the installation of the new card machines – I do miss the old animation of a Cadillac rolling through the display though.


They’ve done away with the Voluntary Service building which was a glorified portakabin crossed with a PoW camp hut.

By my calculations it has added 10 new spaces to Swingate. This is good news. I also had the good fortune of being the first to park in the newly painted spots. Made of winning, I am.


The trickiest spot in Stevenage.

This is, without doubt the most difficult space to park in Stevenage especially when all the surrounding cars are all parked up. Take a look at the silver Focus tucked in on the right.


What’s more, it’s also under a tree giving birds eight hours to use my car for target practice while I’m at work.

There was no way in forwards. Cars on all sides. Insurance-tastic. However, with judicious use of the kerb, it’s possible. Just.

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