You know summer’s over when…

 First day back at work after my summer holiday (which was a bit of a washout, truth be told) and what greets me on my way to the station?

Paul Laidlaw (far left) is at it again. The man must live in Pantoland all year round. He writes, directs and stars as the Dame at the Gordon Craig every year.

And he is good. He looks very much as home on stage wearing pans for a bra and flirting with the dads in the front row.

Be sure to book your tickets early so that isn’t you (if you’re a dad)!

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  1. What always strikes me about this type of panto publicity is how consistent it is. From Perth to Penzance it always looks the same, purple starlight backgrounds, blocky typography with metallic fades and, of course, the in-costume stars of the show.

    How peculiar it must be to squeeze into a stock wardrobe, be caked in slap and be photographed in midsummer as a minor celebrity in a photo studio or dressing room in a provincial town.

    That said, these days agents probably just supply headshots that some wet-behind-the-ears Photoshopper comps onto their file images of panto characters, thereby saving Melinda Messenger et al. from the indignity of a Tuesday afternoon with a weak Costa Coffee sweating under the lights in 20kg of polyester.


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