Who’s the girl in the Apple Christmas ad?

You know, the one who sings along with Frankenstein’s monster.

That’s the question I asked myself, my daughter asked herself and my wife likewise.

It took a fair bit of Googling to find the answer. But I found it.

She’s Pixie Davies. You might have seen her in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

Turns out my daughter follows her on Instagram.

You can too. Here

We love your work, Pixie. x

Premier Inn re-creates King’s Cross in Lego, to mark “Lego Movie” launch.

We thought we recognised that grid/structure working its way up from the ground. The main concourse at King’s Cross – there it is! It’s part of a marketing coup from the makers of Lego Movie, persuading advertisers to run Lego versions of their commercials. Premier Inn aren’t alone, by any means. Confused.com and BT are among the ads going all stop-frame and bricky for a wall-to-wall Lego fest during an ad-break in Sundays’ Dancing On Ice.


King’s Cross narrowly missed the Lego treatment a while back when it’s illustrious neighbour, St Pancras was immortalised in Lego. 18 months and 150,000 bricks, that’s all it took.


An ad for shadows?

Thankfully, the Sony Ericsson campaign seems to have lost interest and stopped following me. The billboard on the platform at Stevenage has been replaced by this one; apparently an ad for shadows. And why not. They’ve been under-represented for ages.



There’s a spider living in the parking barrier.

Look carefully and you’ll see it; a spider’s taken up residence between the ticket machine’s display and the glass that protects it. He’s only diddy.

There he is!

There he is!

There’s a surprising amount of arachnophobia around as I discovered earlier in the year when I was proposing that we use an animated spider to front the campaign for a well-known mobile handset. Suddenly all these underground arachnophobes came out of the woodwork. They couldn’t hide their unease – even with a cartoon spider. You could see them tensing up and looking away. Fools. Wimps. Freaks. Clients and colleagues alike.

If you ever see an ad featuring spiders – good or bad – hats off because there are some serious issues and obstacles it has to get past to see the light of day. There was no way my spider campaign was ever going to get through – and it was an amazing idea, let me tell you.

A mate of mine was a confirmed arachnophobe – even a tomato stalk would freak him out. The laughs we used to have…

A breakdancing spider attacking a tomato. No hang on...

A breakdancing spider attacking a tomato. No hang on...

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