Who’s the girl in the Apple Christmas ad?

You know, the one who sings along with Frankenstein’s monster.

That’s the question I asked myself, my daughter asked herself and my wife likewise.

It took a fair bit of Googling to find the answer. But I found it.

She’s Pixie Davies. You might have seen her in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

Turns out my daughter follows her on Instagram.

You can too. Here

We love your work, Pixie. x

Simple person with an iPhone.

A reconstruction.

So here I am, typing this “live” on the train looking straight at the person I’m writing about.

Here’s the thing. Everything about this chap says there’s something ‘not quite right’ – as judgmental and cosily conceited as that may be.

1. The Rainman shuffle as he gets on the train.

2. He sits next to a woman he doesn’t know despite the fact there are loads of empty double seats available to him. Human nature being what it is – especially on the Friday commute home – you’d want a bit of space to yourself if it’s available. Hence the surprised look on the face of the woman he sat next to.

3. He’s clutching an unopened double-pack of mini pork pies and has been ever since he got on – as though he hasn’t noticed they’re there..

4. When he uses his mobile phone, he holds it very awkwardly with fingers akimbo as though he doesn’t have full muscular control.

5. When he talks into his phone, he’s unnaturally loud – enough to draw a startled look from the woman knitting across the aisle from him.

6. Blank stare and bed-hair.

But for all the above, the one thing that flies in the face it all is the fact that the mobile phone in his non-pork-pie-hand is an iPhone.

Stereotypes come into being largely through truisms and genuine patterns of behaviour.

The received (and expensively marketed) wisdom is that iPhones are cool, they do cool things and they’re for cool people.

There’s no doubt there’s an anomaly here. So is he ‘normal’ despite all the evidence otherwise? Or can someone ‘simple’ (insert politically/medically correct term here) want, need and successfully operate an iPhone?

He’s now leaning over intently staring at the woman who’s knitting.

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