Considering the Sportage.

So it’s nearly time to change the Focus and I like the crossover category of car. They look meaty and possibly more able to handle icy country roads that the BMW certainly can’t. Maybe I shouldn’t be swayed by the shape of the outside.

Thought about the Ford Kuga – no bigger than the Focus inside.

Liked the Audis but the Q5 ‘s out of my league and the Q3’s similar in size to the Focus again.

The Hyundai ix35 just looks a little bland in comparison. Practical considerations like economy and space take a back seat to looks. Who wants to walk back to the car park with a heavy heart?

If it weren’t for the run-flat tyres, the poor winter performance and the pricier servicing, our BMW 3 Series Touring would be the perfect family car.

The incumbent family motor. This is randomly off the web. Not my parking!

And then one thought that gauges the next car’s suitability (in my eyes only) is “What will it look like in Swingate?”

This will be the bigger family car. While my wife does the school run in her Christmas present runabout, I’ll be parking this thing in Stevenage all day. Will it stick out like a sore thumb? Will it say, “Look at me!”. Is it incongruous to have this ever-rising chunk of metal lauding it up over the earthbound Micras and Puntos?

Swingate is typically populated by Saxos, Clios, Hondas and Focuses. The pricier car parks nearer the station are more executive. Audi S4s rub bumpers with Freelanders, Lexuses and BMWs.

So what would a white Sportage look like in Swingate?

Lucky there’s no need for an artist’s impression or Photoshop. There’s one right here. Looks alright dunnit.


Walkern white-out

Once again, a few flakes of snow cause chaos, wreak havoc and do all the other hyperbolic things the news says it does.

How does this affect Parking In Stevenage? It means I sacrifice the Focus for the BMW. But why, the Beemer’s crap in the snow, right? Dear reader, you are not wrong. With that knowledge, my wife commandeers the Focus for the school runs. Fair enough, I’ve just got a 10-minute run into Stevenage; she’s weaving across most of Herts and crossing the border into Essex. But about that nice new Fiat 500 you bought her for Christmas? That’s what I thought. But apparently changing gears in the snow could be awkward (?) and besides, what if it got damaged? It seems that the Focus is not only sure-footed in slippy conditions, it’s also expendable should anything untoward occur.

The toughest part of my journey is getting the BMW out of the private close we live on. Fortunately it’s downhill to the road, so at least that’s in our favour. I could have done without the car parked across the street from the close. It’s a steep little run and it would be easy to slide into his passenger door. Anyway, that negotiated, it was an east run to Swingate.

But of course getting there is one thing, finding a spot is a different matter. I don’t mean finding a vacant spot’s a problem. If anything, there were more spaces available than usual, but the issue facing me this morning is illustrated below. We’re reduced to parking from memory.

White Lines... Er, where?

Rather than just random anarchy, everyone’s done their level best to park where they think the lines should be. It’d be interesting to see if a sudden thaw revealed how close we’d been. A bit like ‘The Cube’ but outside.

Reliant Robin overtakes BMW X3.

Not quite enough wheels for my liking.

Not quite enough wheels for my liking.

You don’t see so many these days but I saw a V reg Reliant Robin this morning on my drive to the station.

You may be ahead of me here if you’ve already read this post’s title. Basically it overtook an X3. Not quite as newsworthy as winning the Ashes or releasing a Lockerbie bomber but I thought it was worth putting on record – just in case anyone Googles ‘ Has a Reliant Robin ever overtaken a BMW X3?’.

Yes it bloody well has.

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