An inspector calls.

That’s 3 journeys in a row. They must be having a crackdown or something but my last 3 journeys have had ticket inspectors doing the rounds.

And they’re thorough enough to want to see my photocard as well (not just me, the rest of the passengers too).

Ahh, them were t' days...

I’ve got a Gold Card season ticket which apparently affords me great things beyond simple permission to travel between Stevenage and King’s Cross. Like  a “34% discount on Standard Class Single and return tickets on participating train company services within the Network Area” , however, they’re not falling over themselves to bring them to my attention. Maybe I’ll go sniffing around.

Parking renewal

The end of Stevenage’s parking/financial quarter is upon us all. It means that it’s time to renew my parking permit. And I’m a parking renewal virgin and feeling quite vulnerable to be honest.

A simple instruction (you would think).

A simple instruction (you would think).

I tentatively approached the machine and followed the instructions. It then came perilously close to swallowing my debit card. Even after we got past that, it still wouldn’t let me renew. The old lady behind me (she won’t thank me for that) was very patient and encouraging but in the end I had to let her have a go. No problem. Tried another debit card – the one I originally paid with – and bingo! Parking nirvana until the end of January 2009.

The adrenaline is only now beginning to dissipate.

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