946 Duncan Norvelle-curious visitors in a day.

Got back from holiday on December 23. Got a message from a chum (who already au fait with this blog) to tell me that Duncan Norvelle was on Come Dine With Me on Channel 4.

La Norvelle: note the wrists. Tricky innit.

Shame, I got in too late to catch it – plus there was unpacking to do, putting the kids to bed, etc. I thought no more about it until I checked The Parking In Stevenage stats on my first day back at work – yesterday.

Blow me. 946 hits in one day! For little old me. Well, me and Duncan. On WordPress you can see what terms brought the page to people’s attention. Basically, everyone wants to know if he’s gay. Some people beat around the bush and search for “Duncan Norvelle married”, others like to call him “Duncan Chase Me Norvelle” to include his 80’s catch phrase. But the overwhelming majority want to know: is the camp thing real?

Straight up, he’s not gay. That’s what I’m hearing.

See for yourself. Couldn't believe it, etc.

Is he gay. Is he? Is he? No really, is he?

Gok Wan snubs Stevenage.

Big news from stevenage-town-centre.co.uk: Gok Wan is not coming to town.

And I quote:

Unfortunately, Stevenage has not been successful in persuading Channel 4 to film an episode of Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix in Stevenage town centre. However, the Stevenage Town Centre Management Company hope to team up with a hair salon, spa, fashionwear retailer and fitness centre to offer one lucky lady the chance to have the ultimate makeover after all. Further details will follow in the next few weeks.

Gok: not coming to Stevenage. Official.

Maybe Stevenage was just a fashion fix too far.

Some good news though: Santa is still scheduled to make a brief appearance on the night of December 24.

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