Looking up at King’s Cross.

So we now know the new station concourse opens on March 19. We also know that they plan to knock the existing one down and create more space out front (didn’t you know – keep up!).

Truth be told, there’s been work going on all over King’s Cross – laying new floors, revamping the building alongside platform 9, 10 and 11 as well as work on the roof covering platform 0 to 8 (yes – King’s Cross has the distinction of having a Platform Zero).

They have now unwrapped much of the covering they had up while they renovated the roof and the massive glass frontage at the, er… front of the station.

Here are a couple of views of the new look ‘upper area’:

Glass roof by day.

Glass roof by night.

The big reveal: set for March 19, 2012.

Hot off the Twitter press, the powers that be are saying the hoardings come down on March 19.

Very exciting for everyone, not just us commuters that get diverted a slightly different way every day as they lay the flooring bit by bit.

And what does this vision of the future look like? A bit like this:

It's all hover boards and retina scans from here on in.

I especially like the woman on the far right wiping dog shit off her shoe – click to enlarge it and you’ll see what I mean.

Craving more info? Click below for the lowdown, including this bombshell, “…the current concourse will be demolished revealing for the first time in decades the Grade I listed Victorian façade which has been fully restored to its former glory.”

King’s Cross official announcement >

King’s Cross passengers offered a glimpse into the future >

Want more piccies? here you go:

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King’s Cross, Platform 0.

Wow, this is better than Harry Potter. I’m at King’s Cross waiting for the platform announcement for my train home. On the big screen, the number comes up. O. Zero? That’s not an 8 is it?. Nope, that platform’s already taken. Platform zero? Not a 10 with a faulty display? Clearly not. As soon as the platform’s announced the waiting commuters stream over to the far side of the station. And there it is – just to the right of Platform 1, out of nowhere, Platform O.


Just like I said, a little to the right of Platform 1...

Now King’s Cross is also home to Platform 9¾ where Harry Potter and his chums take the train to Hogwarts. Never mind the fact that those scenes were filmed in the more cinematic St Pancras next door; for the benefit of tourists, they’ve set up a photo-op in a quiet corner. They have a wall with a baggage trolley embedded in it so that people can pose for a photo, looking as though they’re magically leaving the muggle world behind.

Visual ratification of the above.

Anyway, my immediate thought is, ‘is there room for a Platform Minus 1?’ Not really, or you’d be catching a train from the middle of York Way.

All change at King’s Cross.

I must confess, I got lost at King’s Cross this morning. I felt a bit like a tourist. The sort that stops suddenly in front of people and then turns 180 degrees, ploughing through the masses against the tide.

Why? Because they’ve just changed the layout and opened the new Northern ticket hall. They’ve been working on it for months and now they’ve drawn back the mysterious veil and, er… unveiled the new entrance to the Underground.

I give you... the Northern ticket hall.

They actually opened it all up on Sunday, but I hadn’t noticed until this morning. I probably doubled back on myself a tad but even so, it seemed like I had to walk MILES through brand new Star Wars-style labyrinths just to reach the Victoria Line. Just when I thought I was nearly there, I’d turn a corner and discover a new set

Death Star meets Transport for London.

So if anyone else has struggled with the new layout and your Google search has led you here, I have some good news – here’s a map to help you find your way:

Click to see a bigger version.

I’m going to experiment getting in and out using the new layout. I’ve already identified where I went wrong, so I’ve got some work to do. I need to make it as indoors as possible as the temperature has plummeted in recent days.  Still, it looks like the end of being locked outside by TFL staff when it gets busy. Saints be praised.

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