The man at the front.

Rather than some faceless corporation taking your money to further their evil plans, it’s nice to be reminded that they employ real people, much like you and I.

Possibly not today's driver.

The usual service announcements at the station are pre-recorded copy and paste messages that have a neutral sounding voice over chap expressing how sorry he is at the 17-minute delay. These will have been recorded in a sound studio somewhere in Soho back in 2002. So it’s obvious to all that:

1. He’s not sorry.
2. He’s not there.
3. He’s not employed by the rail company.

So it’s always refreshing to hear someone real say something real.

Due to over-running engineering works (possibly not helped by the snow) there were a few trains missing this morning.

As luck would have it, an empty one pulled up unannounced and we all piled in. As there hadn’t been a train for a very long time, it was standing room only.

Bless him, the driver’s noticed this and announces over the Tannoy that if anyone fancies a seat in First Class, help yourself. For good measure he adds, “And if you get any trouble from the ticket inspectors, just refer them to me, the man at the front.”

Chuckles all round and slightly warmer feelings towards the nasty corporation that reluctantly pays the wages of the ‘man at the front’.

Snowy tracks at Welwyn Garden City this morning.

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